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Praise for A Familiar Shore:

"I took up my favored pen / and the meter of the salt roar, / the splendid gathering of stony shells / and aged driftwood / splashed off the pages…"

This lyrical mythic collection with its motifs of healing and nurturing will transport you to places you have never been, in the company of surprising characters and creatures.

- Violet Nesdoly

   Author of Destiny's Hands


Praise for House of Rain:

"Having just discovered Emily Isaacson's work, I can truthfully say I am

now a fan for life! Emily is a wordsmith who captures emotion with her pen

as an artist captures colour with her brush. Her poems stirred my heart

and caused me to stop and ponder. And isn't that what poetry should


Lianna Klassen

Singer, Songwriter


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Book Review: A Familiar Shore





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