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Author Emily Isaacson


Emily Isaacson is a postmodern poet with both Canadian and American influences, who is a dual citizen. She is currently the director of the Wild Lily Institute in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Her prolific verse and multimedia art bring poetry to life. She has created 92 videos of her poetry, book blogs, and book websites. She also maintains a social media presence. She went viral in 2019, prompting over 5,000 friend requests. She regularly submits her writings to numerous American and Canadian poetry journals and contests, and attends writer’s workshops, as well as teaching at art galleries on Creative Writing. In the last decade her sites have been visited over 1.9 million times by more than 45 countries. She is an arts advocate and served on the board of the Abbotsford Arts Council (2022). She holds a Bachelor of Science from Bastyr University in Seattle Washington.

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